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St. Andrew’s Cathedral

St’Andrew’s Cathedral probably built on an ancient pagano temple, using Roman ancient stones, dates back to XII century. It’s one of the most important examples of Lombard Romanesque architecture with influences of Verona art style.

The facade was built using stones as well as a variety of polychromatic marbles giving an effect of brightness and movement to the whole structure. The inside complex is divided into three naves by square-basis columns, decorated with beautiful capitelli with a great variety of figurative themes, typical the Romanesque style.

In the Church you can admire a precious painting by Paolo Veronese representing a Madonna with the Child. The cover with cross vaults in the aisles over the presbitery dates back to the XV century. The beautiful oratory-crypt was closed in 1580 and reopened in 1962. Untill 1825 Saint Ercolano’s relics werw kept in the crypt and then brought to the new cathedral, but the sarcophagus remained here.

The bell tower dates back to 1469.