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Archives: July 2019

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

St’Andrew’s Cathedral probably built on an ancient pagano temple, using Roman ancient stones, dates back to XII century. It’s one of the most important examples of Lombard Romanesque architecture with influences of Verona art style. The facade was built using stones as well as a variety of polychromatic marbles giving an effect of brightness and…

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Monument “Bella Italia”

In San Marco square you can admire the monument named “Bella Italia”, inaugurated in 1909 in memory of the statesman and Prime Minister Giuseppe Zanardelli who had been living for years in Bornico. The sculpture is a work of art by the sculptor Leonardo Bistolfi who had originally placed the face of the woman, symbol…

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Maderno and Piazza S. Marco

In the Middle Ages  Maderno was an important centre for politics and administration, and the capital city of the western Riviera untill 1337. In the 17th and 18th century the Dukes of Mantua chose Palazzo Gonzaga and Villa Serraglio as their own summer residence. The Square In the past it was characterized by a small…

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